ADR Program Design

programdesignimageMs. Petrilla works with organizations in developing effective ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) programs to constructively manage conflicts before they escalate. These ADR interventions range from facilitating public or organizational policy dialogue to designing and implementing large scale mediation programs. The list below illustrates the diversity of her involvement in ADR program design, development and implementation.

  • Provided key assistance in developing and launching the statewide NJ Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Program for the mediation of thousands of residential properties in foreclosures.
  • Facilitated a series of statewide open public meetings on New Jersey’s policies related to wild life management.
  • Developed a nationally recognized program (PAL: Positive Alternatives to Litigation) for the siting of group homes.
  • Worked with EEO offices statewide in mediating pre-litigation employee matters and in developing systemic mediation options for addressing internal employee disputes.
  • Trained several county/municipal human relations commissions in individually and programmatically addressing cross cultural tension and promoting community cohesiveness.
  • Consulted with schools in past years to develop or improve upon school-based conflict management programs.
  • Assisted community residential complexes/condominium associations in developing ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution Programs) in handling a range of disputes.