(Thank you for visiting our website. Please know that Ms. Petrilla will be taking a leave from the mediation office. Please check back with us in October 2018!)

Welcome to the Mediation Office of Caroline Petrilla

Mediation is a process in which a third party neutral, or mediator, facilitates settlement discussions to assist disputing parties reach a resolution.

Business GatheringIn New Jersey, many case types are automatically referred to mediation by the courts. Litigation is very time consuming and costly. No one is assured victory. Mediation is an opportunity for the disputing parties to come up with their own solutions which meet their respective needs. An experienced mediator can help adversaries become problem solvers and reach amicable settlements.

Previously a full-time Mediator and Assistant Director with New Jersey’s nationally acclaimed State mediation office, Caroline Petrilla has 25 years experience mediating civil, general equity and probate matters. She brings a unique skill set to the mediation table. She works closely with the parties and their attorneys in promoting respectful and productive dialogue while exploring options for mutual gain. She is experienced at managing case types ranging from emotionally charged two party estate matters to multi-party highly complex commercial cases. Ms. Petrilla helps the parties and their lawyers focus discovery to ensure the stage is set for productive discussions. She has helped thousands of litigants resolve their disputes.

Ms. Petrilla has dedicated her career to providing professional mediation services, developing quality ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution) programs statewide, and championing the integrity of the mediation process through her trainings, publications and participation on the CDR (Complementary Dispute Resolution) Supreme Court Rules Committee. She is an adjunct law professor with 15 years experience teaching mediation courses. In 2009 she received the prestigious NJSBA Dispute Resolution James B. Boskey ADR Practitioner of the Year Award – a valued honor since it is representative of the respect of her peers in the profession.

Ms. Petrilla is also employed in a nonlegal position with an international youth advocacy nonprofit organization. She coordinates special projects and explores collaborative restorative justice initiatives including victim and juvenile offender programs in the Southeastern US and internationally.